Laser Keys

With steadily improving technology, the cars and accessories too are becoming more sophisticated technological marvels. One such recent innovation is the car key. From the humble and traditional key, it has morphed into a highly technically crafted accessory using modern technology like the laser keys. Almost all newer models of cars come fitted with laser keys as they are seen as the best for your safety. Being technically superior doesn’t stop the key from getting misplaced. So, you might still need the services of the car key locksmith, who happens to be a laser key specialist.

Laser keys are not cut using lasers, but using specialized machinery with computerized controls for precision cutting. These laser keys have smooth edges and the tracks are cut into the sides of the keys, unlike traditional keys. These tracks or channels are cut using highly advanced computerized machinery, so that the tracks and channels cut into the keys and their matching locks complement each other perfectly, for a smooth gliding and locking motion. They are also called sidewinder keys because of the way they look.

When you buy a sophisticated car with laser keys, you might need the services of a specially trained automobile locksmith when you need help with the keys or need new keys because you have lost the old ones. If you call your dealer or your car mechanic, you first have to wait for them to come and tow your vehicle, then you have to wait for them to replace the keys, which will most likely be ordered from the manufacturer or the original supplier, which would take days, if not weeks.

If you call us at Irvine Locksmith Services, we will arrive in our outfitted van and help you to get a new key and be on your way as soon as possible. We service the entire city of Irvine and when you call our hotline our automobile mechanic will be on his way to you, wherever you happen to be in the city within minutes of your call. Our trained locksmith will help you to open your car and start the ignition, if necessary with a duplicate key, while we get a replacement for you as soon as possible. You get immediate service, on-site, day and night when you call us.

Call us on our hotline, 24 X 7, and we will dispatch one of our trained automobile locksmiths with the necessary tools. When you call us at Irvine Locksmith Services, you can be sure of getting reliable service and reasonable costs. We know the importance of your security and that of your family’s and we strive to maintain the sanctity of your details. We adhere to the strictest standards in our services and that includes ensuring that your privacy remains sacrosanct. Irvine Locksmith Services is your best option when you need emergency help with your car’s laser keys. Call and we will be there to help you in minutes with your laser keys and see that you are on your way as early as possible.