Keyless Remotes

Most people when they think of a locksmith, picture someone with a traditional lock, key and a tool box. But things are quite different now. With modern technology creeping into our everyday lives in every form, our cars too have evolved. Most of the modern cars come with keyless entry option, which means you do not have to physically insert a key to unlock your car. You can just push a button on your keyless remote or your smart fob to send an electronic signal to your car to unlock.

However, these keyless remotes are also in danger of getting misplaced, just like regular keys. This means that you never know when and where you will need the services of an automobile key locksmith to help you because you have lost your keyless remote or it is jammed or isn’t working for some reason. If this happens, you need to be able to get your locksmith to come and help you wherever you are. If you consider taking it to the dealer where you bought your car, or to a garage, consider the towing costs, services charges, replacement or repair charges and the ensuing wait. If you call us, we arrive with everything needed and help you to be on your way as early as possible..

Our We at Irvine Locksmith Services have tool vans fully outfitted to help our customers in any emergencies. So, when you call our hotline at any time in the day or night, our trained automobile locksmith is dispatched with the necessary tools to help you get going in no time. You don’t have to worry about the safety of asking some stranger to come for your assistance as all of our technicians are vetted and screened. You can trust us to be reliable and trustworthy, and as we are fully insured and bonded, you have no cause to worry. Just call our 24 hour hotline and relax.

Our trained car key locksmiths are also given periodical refresher courses to help them stay up-to-date on their training and also to be adept at handling all makes and models. Whatever new and improved model of keyless remote your car has, out trained staff will know how to fix the problem or how to program a replacement. We always carry duplicate keyless remotes in our tool van for programming; depending on the make and model of your car, we will provide you with a replacement in a matter of minutes once we arrive at the scene.

For problems with your smart fob or keyless remote, you need to look no further than Irvine Locksmith Services. We are an experienced organization with trained and dedicated staff. We offer the full range of locksmith services with no extra costs or hidden fees. You can call us today for a quote or for scheduling an appointment. In case of emergencies, do not hesitate to call our hotline. There is always someone at the other end of the phone and as we have locksmiths on call, 24 X7, someone will be there to help you within minutes of your call.