Transponder KeysKeys

A transponder is an amalgamation of transmitter and responder, because that is what it does. It transmits a signal in response to another signal. How this works is some simple physics that we don’t really need to know. What we do know is we can use this technology to make sure that our keys are safe. Transponder keys are automotive keys that have a transponder chip in them which sends a signal to the car ignition when the key is turned. Without this signal, the car will not start. This is a great means of protection from car thieves who make a copy of your key. When you lose the key yourself, a transponder key can become more of a hindrance than a boon.

The same characteristic that makes the key copy proof is what keeps you from making a copy of it the easy way, by simply duplicating the key shape. The best choice for you then, is to get in touch with Irvine Locksmith Services. We have certified automotive key specialists who are trained in automotive transponder lock technology and possess all the necessary equipment to replace your transponder keys immediately.

With a dedicated hotline that is open 24 X 7, if you live in Irvine you can rely on us for our timely service. Any time you lose your keys or end up locking them in the car (we get a surprising number of such calls) or even if your old set stopped working from overuse, Irvine Locksmith Services is your best option for instant service.

Each of our key specialists has a vehicle that can travel to your location, no matter where you are and house calls are also provided. All our vehicles are stocked with all the tools and equipment that is needed for instant repair and replacement of transponder keys. The new key will have a transponder chip that will be programmed by our person to engage the ignition of your car. We can also make as many sets of transponder keys as you need.

We already have a number of happy clients throughout the city of Irvine, CA and add to that list each day due to our speedy and efficient system and services. If there is any dire need for transport or if the replacement process cannot be completed on site due to some complication, the vehicle can be towed to our service station and the problem can be fixed without delay or hassle.

Our years of experience and technical knowledge of the industry, make Irvine Locksmith Services a solid choice when dealing with defective or misplaced keys, and all the more so with transponder keys due to the electronic circuits that are part of the unlocking mechanism. We are a bonded and insured organisation, which means that you are provided an extra level of protection from any fault or mismanagement that leads to damage of any property, including your car. The biggest selling point of all, our impeccable service costs are quite reasonable, just ask our happy clients.