Commercial Locksmith Services

When you are a business owner, you have the responsibility to protect your business as well as you would protect your home. The kind of security you need might also depend on the kind of business you are in. Obviously you are going to need much more in the way of security if you are a banker or a jeweler or into consumer electronics, than if you run a hardware shop or a stationery shop. The value of your inventory should dictate the kind of security measures you should implement.

When you need to set up the security for your business, you should call us as Irvine Locksmith Services. We are an established, reputed and reliable locksmith offering automobile, residential and commercial locksmith services in and around the city of Irvine. If you own your building, you can take the call on what kind of security you want for your business. However, if you are renting the space, you need to consult the building owner or manager also before you install your security measures. This is just to keep the building manager informed and also to safeguard that you are not violating your tenancy agreement in any way.


We offer a whole range of commercial services like installing locks and security systems, repairing them as and when necessary, servicing any locks, installing cash boxes, safes, etc. apart from any special access restricting systems for certain areas of your business. If you have an organization with multiple floors, your employees should have access to elevators, other common areas like the reception, break room or cafeteria, etc. You also need to install cameras for monitoring the premises in case you are in the business of handling sensitive materials or information. You have a responsibility to your clients to keep their information or data safe.

We at Irvine Locksmith Services are quite established and have earned a reputation for honest services. Our integrity is impeccable and has brought us many loyal clients in the city of Irvine. So you can call us for all your commercial locksmith services, including installing, servicing, repairing and any re-keying or replacing needs. When you call us for a consultation, our expert trained and certified commercial locksmith arrives at your place of business and or advises you on the likely security threats and then draws up a security plan designed to protect your business.

In case of any break-ins, you can call us on the dedicated hotline, and our commercial locksmith will arrive with the necessary tools to provide you whatever help or service you might need. We are a fully licensed and bonded locksmith company, and so you can trust us and rely on us to do what’s best for you and your organization. We service the entire city of Irvine, and so call us today to fix an appointment or to get a quote. Our certified commercial locksmith services are available at very reasonable rates. Your security is our priority, and we work tirelessly to safeguard the same.