Home Security

We are all aware of the need for an adequate home security system that protects our home from intruders and can serve as a number of levels of defence against any form of home intrusion. Your home security can be multi-pronged; it can mean using locks and dead bolts on the front doors, keypad locks rigged with alarms for securing yourself once you are inside your home, and monitors and floodlights to keep an eye and to deter intruders around you home and garden.

There are many forms and types of home security – manned or automated, perimeter based protection or complete coverage, virtual or physically monitored. Each method of home security has its advantages and limitations, and choosing the right way to go about can be a daunting task. But fret not, because we at Irvine Locksmith Services have your back. When we are hired and tasked with developing and implementing a home security system for you, we first analyze the layout of the home, check the positions of entry and exit points and then advise you on the best possible security system for your home.

Armed with all the latest gadgetry like motion sensors, infrared monitors which detect body heat, pressure sensitive glass window panes that trigger an alarm if touched from the outside and high intensity flood lights to deter prowlers, we can provide different levels of security. These systems will set off alarms which will automatically alert us, the police and any local security team. Also, advents in wireless technology means that home owners can even have an app that gives them access to all the technical readouts and can control the operation of the home security system from their smart phones, whether they are at home or away..

A number of happy home owners can attest to our expertise in installing and maintaining a secure home environment at all times. In the unlikely event that any problem arises with your home security network, a single call to our hotline is all that is needed. A certified and expert residential locksmith will be dispatched to your residence immediately. He can tackle anything from fixing a small defect to even re-installing the security system in any configuration you desire.

All of our field units are fitted out with all the equipment necessary for any task our residential locksmiths might have to undertake. We are one of the premier residential and commercial security companies in Irvine to be fully licensed and bonded. This means that you can hire us without worrying about our integrity or trustworthiness. Let us take care of your home security.

At quite reasonable rates than the average for certified locksmiths, Irvine Locksmith Services is the ideal company for all your home security needs. Our reliable and efficient methodology when combined with the understanding that safeguarding your home is of paramount importance, leads to a wonderful result of satisfied customers who can sleep soundly every night knowing that anyone wishing them harm must get past the best home security system that money can buy. .